Biography of Nevette Greyvenstein

Born in Durban with a childhood full of traveling, Nevette schooled in many provinces, achieving Border Swimming colours in Primary School and became a Prefect in Grade 7. Her family settled down in East London and her High School career at Cambridge High began.
Her working career started at the young age of 17 as a Telemarketer which sparked her passion for working with people. After holding many “front desk” and accounts positions, Nevette decided to embrace her passion for people and dove strait into Courier Sales Repping and Medical Sales Repping.

In 2006, Nevette and her loving husband, Derick, decided to start a family together and by 2008 were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Once their daughter started schooling, Nevette started her own Photography business, specializing in kids photography, which has grown year on year and is still up and running.

Nevette is a lady whose heart is open to all, she’s a hard worker who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Nevette’s Majorette life began the day her daughter started drummies at Lilyfontein School in 2017. Since starting this new venture, Nevette has worked very hard to finally become a Prop Mom and Vice Parent Liaison to the team. All of the girls have become like her own and is affectionately known by the girls as “Gogo”.

With her mission to help other ECMCA members realize their visions and grow the sport in the Provence, Nevette efficiently and gracefully handles each task handed to her.

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