Biography of Gareth Stanton

Born in Umtata and schooled at both Lilyfontein Primary Port Rex High, Gareth is a true Eastern Caper. 

He started his working career managing the family supermarkets while helping build his family game reserve and qualifying as a F.A.G.A.S.A Guide. Gareth then moved on to becoming the F&B Manager of the Award winning Umngazi River Bungalows & Spa. While there, Gareth formed part of the teams that put together events such as the Imana Wild Ride and the Pondo Pedal. In 2010, Gareth got his International Food & Beverage qualifications through the Institute of American Hotel & Lodging.

East London was beckoning him home and in 2011 he become the Director of Umnenga Lodge, a country style restaurant, Lodge and Wedding venue. Gareth has served on many boards over the years; the Vice Chair of the E.L.M.C.C for 3 years where he managed and set up two national events, the Chairman of the Wild Coast Jikeleza Festival for 5 years and was Logistics and Operations manager for 5 of the most successful Wild Cost Jikeleza festivals recorded in its 15 years of existence. 

The role of ECMCA Chairman was not natural progression, however the love for the sport he saw in his daughter’s eyes ignited the drive in him to get ECMCA back up and running to its former glory. With his knowledge and experience in managing various teams and planning events, this has been a smooth transition into the world of Majorettes and Cheerleading, one that Gareth treasures deeply.    

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