Are you a stall vendor in EC?

With so much space to offer, Inkwenkwezi has amazing spots for food and Craft vendors for the SAMCA Nationals 2019.

Mail us your application to or fill in your application online with the link below.

4 thoughts on “Are you a stall vendor in EC?

  1. I would like to he a vendor again to sell my t-shirts and hoodies please – I have been at the various nationals since 2010 and would like to sell again. Last year at Oudtshoorn was awesome!
    Can you let me know when the applications will be open please.

    1. Hi Sharon we would love to have you at nationals, all stall bookings, applications, the store and competition registration will be up and running by the 1st of April. We will pop you a message as soon as its up.

  2. Hi there,
    I would like to do a food stall was thinking Cintsa Original Burger and possibly soft serve. Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Good day

    I would like to do a stall at your Nationals 2019 – I do printing of T-shirt and Hoodies
    I was the first to ever start doing the printing at Nationals, and Sharon Versfeld have not done various events since 2010 – You are more than welcome to go back on your records and you will see that T-Print had the stall at Nationals since 2010. Lat year was the first year that T-print was not the vendor for the stall due to back stab an dishonesty of Sharon Versfeld.
    Thus I would like to continue to the opportunity and privilage to have a stall at your Nationals 2019

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